At Delta Global Systems, our clients are not just customers — they are our business partners. A satisfactory partnership means success for all involved, and we attribute our own company’s success to this partnership philosophy. By addressing our clients’ needs and partnering with them from implementation to continuation, we share “ownership” of our clients’ business goals as well as their problems. We solve these problems as if they were our own; with the same attention to detail and business sense we would apply to our own Company.

Here is a partial list of our partners:

  • ADAC Inc.
  • ASA Airlines
  • Delta Community Credit Union
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Delta Technology
  • Southeastern Management
  • Simpson Organization
  • SunTrust Plaza
  • TravelPort Inc.
  • United Way
  • Viasat Inc.
  • Wilen Inc.
  • WorldSpan Inc.

  • Law Enforcement Clients:

  • Belgium National Police, Belgium
  • Escambia Sheriff’s Office, FL
  • Gwinnett County Police Department, GA
  • Knoxville Police Department, TN
  • London Metropolitan Police, London, England
  • Malaysian National Police Department, Malaysia
  • Mobile Police Department, AL
  • North Carolina Department of Corrections, NC
  • US Navy, Yokosuka, Japan



    Delta Global Security provides highly professional security officers for over 13 million square feet of office and industrial properties and has a training department that is capable of producing customized training programs that meet all of their customer’s special circumstances.

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