Delta Global Security officers train to the highest of customer service standards in addition to our customer specific protective skills training.


At Delta Global Security, we believe in excellence from the ground up. We train without compromise. Our trainers are members of the Public Safety Training Network (PSTN) who use their International Federation of Protection Officers (IFPO) approved Basic Security Officer Course. We are also charter members of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, Inc. (ASLET), and serve as staff instructors for various organizations including International Law Enforcement Education and Training Association (ILEETA), and Northwestern University Center for Public Safety as part of their Developmental Steering Committee for their new Security Management and Leadership Institute (SMLI). In addition, Delta Global Security trainers also serve on the advisory board for the Monadnock Police Training Council, Inc., (MPTC).

Because Delta Global Security understands that everyone learns differently, we utilize and integrate different tools and techniques into our unique curriculum.

Some of the curriculum tools include:

Some of the curriculum tools include:

Interactive Computers


Lectures and Instructional Notes

PowerPoint Presentations

On the Job Training

Advancement Training


Security Industry Training & Programs

DGS offers certified training in the following programs and courses.

Certification levels include: basic, advanced, instructor & instructor-trainer

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AED - Automatic External Defibrillator

Advanced Academy®- Security Officers

Basic Academy®- Security Officers

Building Evacuation Training

CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

CSO®- Cart Safe Operation (Low Speed Vehicle Operation)

Customer Service Training

Diffusing Conflict and Crisis Training

Edged Weapons Defense

Expert Witness Services


Fire Prevention Training

First Aid


Incident Scene Management Training

Investigation Training

Leadership and Management Development Training

MDTS® - Monadnock Defensive Tactics System

MEB® - Monadnock Expandable & Straight Baton

MOAB® - Management of Aggressive Behavior

Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper Spray)

PR-24® - Monadnock Side Handle Baton

Report Writing for Security Officers ®

Security Officers

S.O.C. - Security Operations Center


VSO®- Vehicle Safe Operation

Guest Lecturers


To partner with, and enhance the wellbeing of our clients, their employees and customers by proactively assessing and solving their security needs.

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